About Y Biologics

About Y Biologics

  • Y-Biologics is Korea’s leading R&D biotech company in the field of antibody drug development.

    Since establishing Y-Biologics in 2007, our company has focused on the research and development of antibody therapeutics, successfully building two main platform technologies: Ymax®-ABL, a unique human antibody library, and ALiCE, a novel format for bispecific T-cell engager antibodies.

    Utilizing our excellent and differentiated platform technologies, we are striving to become a leading global antibody drug development company in the field of immuno-oncology.

  • Exploring Antibodies,
    Creating Novel Therapeutics

    Here at Y-Biologics, with our full-cycle antibody development capabilities, we are pursuing full-fledged development of
    immuno-oncologic drugs using our bispecific antibody platform.

    We aim to address unmet medical needs by developing a next-generation immunotherapeutics with higher patient response rates and superior efficacy in comparison to existing immuno-oncology drugs.

Antibody Discovery Technology + Bispecific T Cell Engager Platform
To gain a strong foothold in the market for novel antibody therapeutics, which has high barriers to entry, we have set our focus on establishing platform technologies capable of discovering top-tier antibody drug candidates. This has led to the successful development of our globally competitive human antibody library and novel bispecific antibody format, a next-generation immunotherapy technology. Through these technologies, we are continuously developing a strong pipeline of novel immuno-oncology drugs with excellent efficacy.
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    Continuous identification
    of novel targets for pipeline development

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    Independent development and commercialization of novel antibody therapeutics

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    Open Innovation:
    Convergence of platform technologies

A Leader of Next-generation Immuno-oncology Therapeutic Development
Based on our Antibody Platform Technologies
At Y-Biologics, we aim to set our proprietary platform technologies and pipelines apart from those of competitors in the field of antibody therapeutics, regarded as the future of pharmaceutical development, and emerge as a leading developer of novel antibody therapeutics contributing to improving the health of patients in Korea as well as the wider global society.