CEO Message

CEO Message

Aspiring to become a global leader in novel antibody drug development


From early in my career, I had a clear and unwavering goal to establish a startup company aimed at developing therapeutics to alleviate the suffering of patients against various diseases. However, even with two decades of experience in the field of antibody therapy and experience working as a team leader and group leader at major corporations under my belt, the barriers to developing novel antibody drugs seemed insurmountable at first. Nevertheless, with the help of the executives and researchers at our company who shared in my vision of becoming a leader in novel antibody drug development, we were able to persevere in our commitment to developing innovative platform technologies and ultimately break down that barrier. Founded in 2007, Y-Biologics has emerged as a world-class biopharmaceutical company specialized in the discovery and development of novel antibodies.

Now, we are just one step away from becoming a global leader in the field of antibody therapeutics. Y-Biologics has successfully developed a globally competitive human antibody library and novel bispecific antibody format, regarded as a next-generation immuno-oncology technology. Based on these achievements, we have secured numerous pipelines of novel antibody therapeutics with excellent efficacy. The time has now come for us to prove what sets our platform technology and pipelines apart from others in the global market.

Each of us here at Y-Biologics – executives, researchers, employees, and myself – will continue in our relentless pursuit of growing our company into a global biopharmaceutical leader playing a key role in realizing mankind’s long-cherished dream: to create a world where we all can enjoy long and healthy lives without suffering from diseases such as cancer.

CEO of Y-Biologics Youngwoo Park, Woo Ick Jang