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Platform technologies and pipelines Ymax-tEXPRESS

Mammalian transient expression

Y-Biologics has secured high-yielding HEK293 transient system, Ymax-Texpress. Transient expression system is necessary for producing many antibodies in discovery stage for developing antibody-based therapeutics in general. However, it is not so efficient that it cause development time to extend and it is time consuming and labor intensive for the securement of a large amount of protein. Our Ymax-Texpress maximizes protein production in HEK293 or CHO cells by optimizing expression vector, cell medium, supplement, and transfection protocol.

Ymax-Texpress which employs self-developed high-yield expression vector allows to fast produce protein with just 6 day-transient expression in HEK293 or CHO cells.It takes about 2 weeks to finish the process from cloning to protein expression to protein purification. Our production capacity is from 40 ml culture for productivity test to 18L culture for mass production. We guarantee high quality protein regardless of production volume.
As Ymax-Texpressshows yield of about 50~300 mg/L for antibodies after protein purification compared with generally used transient expression, 1g antibody is easily available within 2~3 weeks.

The final antibody production yield of optimized transient expression system of Y-Biologics is about 100 to 300mg/l after affinity purification. Y-Biologics usually guarantee that more than 50mg/ml in transient antibody production.