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Platform technologies and pipelines Ymax-ABL

Human antibody library

Y-Biologics has securedthe world-class antibody library, Ymax-ABL, to develop therapeutic antibody for the disease-related target. As Ymax-ABL is naïve cDNA library which stems from cDNA from human B cells, immunogenicity and toxicity are low. It allows to select the good antibodies to various antigens due to the huge diversity (≥100billion). Y-Biologics has also secured synthetic library, which is the alternative to broaden the choice of antibody selection.

Biopanning(Antibody screening)

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    Biopanning technology is to select the hit antibody to antigen from antibody library and antibody selection is determined bythe binding affinity between antigen and antibody.

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    Variable regions of heavy and light of selected phage antibody are converted to Y-shaped antibody.

Automatic identification of human antibody binder

Y-Biologics set up stream process from colony picking to RF mapping by integration of colony picker, liquid handler, ELISA system, and high through-put electrophoresis system. Y-Biologics can handle up to 10,000 different clones in time.