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High-efficient transient expression for customer service (HEK293F, CHO transient expression service)

Y-biologics has optimized protein transient expression system using animal cells (CHO, HEK293) in short period with best quality for providing proteins to our customers.

  • 1Transient Protein Expression Services
    • To reduce our customers’ research time, we perform the pilot expression test (small scale) within 2 weeks and provide all amount of protein to the customer.
    • Under the customer’s request, we provide best quality protein in short period using large scale culture (1L~18L).
    • For the high-purity protein (>95%), we use FPLC and HPLC.
  • 2Culture Size
    • Y-Biologics has small scale (40~100ml) and large-scale(1L~18L) protein expression service.
    • For our customers, 100ml~1L culture is also available.
Culture Size
Scale Service Cell lines Volume Timeline Deliverables
Small Scale Gene cloning HEK293F, CHO 40~100 ml 2~3 weeks Expression data,
Purified protein
Transient protein expression
* Large Scale Gene cloning HEK293F, CHO 1L~18L 3~4 weeks Expression report,
Purified protein
Transient protein expression
  • *

    In case of ordering more than 1L, the pretest and some quality test (such as Agilent assay and endotoxin measurement) is offered as free.
    Also Y-Biologics offer cultivation supernatant without purification as your request.

  • 3Y-Biologics Production Facilities
    • Y-Biologics’s performs protein production and QC using brand-new materials for best customer service.
    • Bio-shaking and multi-tron instruments can produce upto 18L, and Multi-Longer purification system can purify 32 different proteins simultaneously.
    • For high-purity protein production, we have AKTA and HPLC systems.
Y-Biologics Production Facilities
Culture Purification QC
BIO-SHKING(TITAC) (2ea) Multi-Longer Purification system (2ea) AKTA pure (1ea)
Multi-Tron PRO (2ea) Bio-RAD Purification system (7ea) uHPLC system (1ea)
  • 4Y-Biologics Protein Productivity
    • Y-Biologics protein production system provides high-purity antibody and protein with low-price using our own-developed high-expression vector system