About Us

A message from CEO

Y-Biologics is a biotech company focusing on the discovery & development of novel antibody therapeutics based on its human antibody library Ymax®-ABL & Bi-specific antibody platform technology ALiCE.

2018 Nobel Prize was all about antibody & immunotherapy. Adalimumab developer was among a trio who received the prize in chemistry and the medicine prize had been awarded jointly to two cancer immunotherapy researchers whose discovery has led to development of immunotherapy drugs. This well represents current paradigm of pharmaceutical industry, immunotherapy & antibody.

Since beginning we have focused on discovery of novel antibody therapeutics. To discover & develop novel antibody therapeutics, Y-Biologics concentrated on platform technologies.

We have successfully secured own human antibody library based on phage display to discover target antibodies and currently have developed 20 antibody candidates in various modalities. Following early work in discovery, we have recently developed novel BsAb platform technology ALiCE (Antibody Like Cell Engager), which has potential to address current unmet needs in fields of immuno-oncology.

With two powerful platform technologies at Y-Biologics, we shall continue our innovation not only to develop block-buster antibody therapeutics, but also will contribute to Korean biotech industry & society as a leading biopharmaceutical company.

CEO & PresidentYoung Woo Park