A Global Leading Company in Antibody Therapeutics

About Us Introduction

R&D company focusing on antibody therapeutics in cancer, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic disease.

The market of antibody therapeutics are rapidly growing. Therapeutic antibodies highly specific to the target and long half life. Especially it shows great effect with low toxicity. The needs of development of antibody therapeutics are increasing with live expansion, change of life style and better quality of life.
The R&D on antibody therapeutics are hot and promising.

Y-Biologics has three platform technologies to accelerating development of antibody therapeutics.
Human antibody library(Ymax-ABL), Receptor library(Ymax-CEPT), Mammalian transient expression(Ymax-tEXPRESS)
  • First, Y-Biologics has great diversity of human antibody library and efficient antibody screening system(Ymax-ABL),which can be used to select therapeutic antibody.
  • Second, Y-Biologics has soluble protein library which focused on receptor protein (Ymax-CEPT), which can be used to find new therapeutic target and validate activity.
  • Third, Y-Biologics has efficient eukaryotic transient expression and purification system (Ymax-tEXPRESS) to secure purified protein and antibody in short time.

The combination of these platform technologies enable us to discover therapeutic antibody and confirm therapeutic effect in excellency. We are delivering New paradigm by accelerating the discovery of therapeutic antibody. By offering innovative antibody and high quality antibody to other biotech company or to researcher, we are contributing to scientific society, the growing of biotech company, and peoples who needs helps.

Development of own antibody pipeline → Licensing out / codevelopment / CRO for antibody and protein research → Expansion networks and Contribution to development of Biologics