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Antibody Screening Service

Y-Biologics has world-class grade fully human antibody library (Ymax-ABL), which makes us to provide best quality service of antibody discovery with our own core technology, qualified professionalists, and automated-research system.   detail view

Immune Library construction and Antibody Screening

If you simply use low-affinity antibody from non-immune library, you may have low-affinity antibodies for some antigens because that antibodies are from naïve library. In this case, you can try using immune-library from some animals...   detail view

Receptor Screening Service

Recently, as the therapeutic antibody development field has become active, it has been very important to identify the extracellular signaling target molecules participating receptor-ligand interaction for many diseases.   detail view

Humanized Antibody

You can expect high therapeutic effect when you transfer the CDR(Complementary-Determining Region) from the variable region of therapeutically effective mouse-derived monoclonal antibody into human antibody backbone due to the minimized immunogenicity.   detail view

Recombinant Protein/Antibody Production Service

Y-biologics has optimized protein transient expression system using animal cells (CHO, HEK293) in short period with best quality for providing proteins to our customers.   detail view

Protein List for Sale

Y-Biologics provides best-quality and low-price customer protein expression service with optimized protein transient expression system using animal cells(CHO, HEK293).   detail view

Hybridoma antibody sequence recovery and recombinant antibody production

We provide recombinant antibody production service from customer’s hybridoma cell with mouse or human backbone using HEK293 or CHO cells for the early stage of therapeutic antibody development .   detail view

Other Service

Please contact us if you need any service regarding protein and antibody-related experiments   detail view

Antibody Optimization

Sometimes, antibodies from naïve antibody library would have tendency showing lower affinity to the antigen. Therefore, to get high-affinity and antigen specific antibody for therapeutic application, we optimize the antibody selection methods or affinity maturation technology for improving the affinity and stability.   detail view